The Vision

Fear City is #buildinginthebear. We’re creating a long-term IP focused on world-class art, creative expression for those who feel a lil’ different in this world, a tight, fun and vibrant community and a relentless commitment to world-building.
It is a 20-year culmination of everything that is quintessentially New York from the mind of the world-renowned Stephen Bliss - former Senior Artist at Rockstar Games.
June 3, 2022, saw the much-awaited launch of Fear City with 3,333 unique genesis collection avatars released on the Ethereum blockchain, with 300+ painstakingly painted variables and a cast of 6 twisted but enchanting characters.
We are focused on using our extensive networks to partner with household names in fashion (Jeff Staple / STAPLEVERSE) and music (Johnny Smoke / Solomon Sounds) and art (Amuse123) to bring this new dysfunctional universe to life, with plenty more to come in terms of Partnerships, NFT drops, art, music and digital and physical events, activations and utility.
We’re maniacally dedicated to bringing value to holders over a long-term time horizon and listening to our community on what works and doesn’t.
There is truly no ultimate end-goal - we want to build a fam (#FearCityGang) and universe that stands the test of time.
We will continue building as long as we are alive (and if we die, we’ll replace ‘em) so we can all continue enjoying the amazing art, ecosystem, utility and benefits that comprise Fear City.
We are always open to feedback and collaborations - so please hit us up on Discord or slide into our Twitter DMs!