Phase 1

✅ Genesis Collection The official journey into Fear City starts with a collection of 3333 avatars that provide access to the Fear City brand and ecosystem:
✅ Fear City Treasury 40% of initial sales from the launch and secondaries have been put into the Fear City Treasury to help execute the roadmap items.
✅ Brand Partnerships We kicked it off with an official partnership with Stapleverse, INSA, Johnny Smoke, Amuse 126 & Solomon Sounds. We will continue to establish meaningful partnerships that will expand the IP and add value to Fear City holders.
☑️ The Fear City Comic Series & Story Writing Contest The limited edition comic series will be made available to holders and will examine the 6 characters and their backstories, including a story writing contest and the chance to participate in primary sales.
Fear City Capsule Collection (Merch & Swag with Jeff Staple's RAD)
Animated NFT series on Nifty Gateway with unlockable content and utility
Fear City Digital Wearables and AR Filters
Fear City Metaverse Experience on
Fear City Trailer NFT airdrop - Jeff Staple and Stephen Bliss with music by Johnny Smoke, produced by Shadowrunner films
The weekly chance to hang with Stephen Bliss - a physical (NYC) or virtual 1 on 1 meeting
The weekly chance to win free signed Fear City merch and custom swag

Phase 2

Fear City Syndicate: if you own either A) one of each of the 6 Genesis characters or B) the Fear City Boss, Kingpin or Overlord Supreme roles, you will have the chance to be immortalized into the Fear City universe with a custom 1 of 1 portrait, hand-painted by Stephen Bliss, airdropped as an NFT
Twitter Banner Collection Fear City Soundtrack Fear City Vinyl Figurines by the world's top creator of animated celebs, vinyl toys & digital collectibles
On-chain game mechanics
Fear City Gaming
Fear City Animated Series