Welcome to Fear City

What is Fear City?
Welcome to Fear City, where menacing gangs and corrupt politicians vie for control of a dystopian New York City.
Fear City is born out of Stephen Bliss’ creative expression - the acclaimed artist responsible for the look and feel of the iconic Grand Theft Auto illustrations.
The goal is to use the power of Web3 technology to bring the dark and beautiful metaverse of Fear City to life in comic books, music, animated series, toys, video games and much, much more.
Each Fear City character is a key to the Fear City intellectual property, exclusive merch, digital and IRL events, and will unlock even more utility and surprises.
“I’ve been creating this universe and cast of characters with their own unique narratives in my spare time for decades. When I first started making these characters it was for my own entertainment, and sometimes I’d paint them over abstract compositions on canvas, but there’s no way I could have imagined they’d function within something like a Metaverse. Blockchain technology & NFTs have facilitated my characters’ Frankenstein-like birth into a limitless utilitarian universe, bringing them to life in ways that were previously unattainable.”
— Stephen Bliss
Enjoy your stay in Fear City.
Last modified 1yr ago