Fear City Holders

We love all of our unique and complicated Fear City Citizens.
We’re delighted to provide the following value to our current holders:
  • Priority access to participate in the next NFT drop (Comic Book Series & Animated NFT Series)
  • Priority access to our upcoming merch - the Fear City Capsule Collection, by Stephen Bliss in collaboration with Jeff Staple's RAD
  • Priority access to the next Fear City Metaverse Experience on Spatial.io
  • An exclusive NFT airdrop of the Fear City Trailer with Jeff Staple and Stephen Bliss with music by Johnny Smoke, produced by Shadowrunner films
  • The weekly chance to hang with Stephen Bliss - a physical (NYC) or virtual 1 on 1 meeting
  • The weekly chance to cop free signed Fear City merch and custom swag
  • Drop-specific utility for holders who own a full set of the 6 Genesis characters (see Ecosystem page)
  • Drop-specific utility for those with the Boss, Kingpin or Overlord Supreme roles
  • Fear City Syndicate: if you own either A) one of each of the 6 Genesis characters or B) the Fear City Boss, Kingpin or Overlord Supreme roles, you will have the chance to be immortalized into the Fear City universe with a custom 1 of 1 portrait, hand-painted by Stephen Bliss, airdropped as an NFT
With much more to come, aligned to our Ecosystem (read on, dear Citizen...)